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All Urban Shepherd Boots Products have a 3-month, limited warranty in normal use against any manufacturing flaw(s), defective materials, and workmanship.

The Urban Shepherd Boots warranty does not cover damage due to holes worn in toes/heel counters, burn marks, punctures, cuts, and abrasions from outside causes, or misuse and/or abuse by the wearer.

The warranty may be void if the user applies any materials not recommended, such as polishes, oils, or other chemicals that result in damage to the materials of the footwear.

All products must be inspected in our workshop before any fix or replacement. We will fix/replace all Urban Shepherd Boots products at our discretion.

If your boots were not purchased on our online shop this voids the warranty.


There are quite a few people who believe that a warranty works like an insurance policy, where if something is damaged it will be replaced immediately. The truth is, a warranty is nothing like insurance. If it is not a manufacturer defect, we will not replace your boots simply because you damaged them or they have been worn down. Here are some examples of what is not covered by warranty:

Frayed webbing, worn stitching, and worn soles due to normal wear;

Damage caused by polishes, oils, or other chemicals that were not recommended for treating or cleaning the boots;

Damage caused by unauthorized alterations, repairs, or modifications;

Damage caused by pets (such as puppies chewing or cats clawing);

Burn marks, punctures, cuts, or abrasions caused by misuse and/or abuse by the wearer;

Worn soles caused by chemicals that the boots were not resistant to;

Uncomfortable boots or issues regarding fit;

Frayed laces or eyelets falling off due to normal wear.


To access the warranty, the client must contact Urban Shepherd Boots, describe the issue, and attach photos of it. Then, ship the boots to us at their cost. The fixed or replaced pair will be shipped back to the client at their cost.

If after our inspection the warranty can't be applied, the boots will be shipped back to the client at their cost.